From parents of students . . .

"Just a quick note to thank you for the effort you have put in to getting my son to his Orange belt. He was so pleased to have got there. It is over a year now since he joined the club, we have noticed that his confidence, concentration and coordination have improved immensely during this time, a lot of credit for this must be down to the teaching and philosophy of the club.
Once again Thanks."
Mr. R.

"Given my daughter a huge amount of confidence and pride."

"My other daughter benefited by learning stranger awareness, and also helped with her concentration skills."
Mrs. K.

"My son's teacher has asked that he continued with the karate classes to help his concentration."
Mrs. P.

"Given my daughter a clear understanding of following precise instructions. This has increased her level of concentration a great deal."
Mrs. S.

"My son's confidence has improved and he concentrates on what people say to him more."

"Although he has only been attending for a short time, he is very enthusiastic and keen to practise and so well. His confidence and co-ordination are both improving."
Mrs. G.

"My son is very enthusiastic and has learnt his left and right since coming to karate."
Mrs. C.

"My daughter's co-ordination has improved as has her balance. She really enjoys the physical side of karate i.e. press-ups/sit-ups."
Mrs. L.

"My son has been coming to karate for about 2 years. He enjoys it immensely and it has taught him discipline and how and when to use self-defence. His sister (and parents) have since started lessons."
Mr. K.

"My son's confidence has increased since joining the club."
Mrs. B.

"My son has greatly enjoyed karate in the short time he has been coming. He is very proud of his karate suit and aiming for new badges has given him a real focus."
Mr. A. B.

"My son's fitness and concentration has improved since he took up karate. His flexibility and balance have also improved."

"My daughter enjoys karate and has shown confidence since joining."

"My son's confidence has grown since he is amongst other children. He also feels very proud when he gains another badge or upgrades to a difference colour belt."
Mr. S.

"My son's co-ordination and balance has improved greatly. He now enjoys PE at school. The best thing is that he is now terrified of swearing in case Sensei Paul throws him out of the Club."
Mr. A.

"My daughter has become more disciplined and a lot more confident since taking up karate. Before that she was shy and did not express herself as much as she does now I feel it has helped with her development of growing up greatly."
Mrs. S.

From adult students . . .

"S.E.M.K.A. Karate is a great way of exorcising the stress of work, as well as a great way of exercising."

"I find S.E.M.K.A. karate both exhilarating and challenging and a great way of emptying my mind from stress at work. It also keeps me fit and healthy."

"Karate has given me the exercise I need and has also helped me to become ten times more confident on the streets."

"After finishing rugby I was looking for a new challenge - Karate has provided that - within a friendly and disciplined environment."

"Our club is the best in the area. There is always a selection of Black Belts at each club and different aspects of Karate can be learnt from each one."

"When my 7 year daughter's punches started to hurt, I thought it was time to start Karate myself."

"Priceless exercise and confidence on the street."

"I enjoy learning the self defence."

"I enjoy the exercise. I came to protect myself from my ex- husband and to try to meet a new one! 
(Ha Ha). Able to practice at with my son at home."

"Good Traditional Wado syllabus with emphasis on Ju Jit su locks and take down make this club enjoyable, challenging and applicable to real life situations."

"The best of all the Martial Arts where any person can progress at their own rate regardless of ability at the start."

"I did Karate 15 years ago and kept thinking about starting again. After my first lesson at the Horsham Club I wondered why I waited so long."

"No one warned me that karate is addictive!"

"Becoming a member of Horsham Karate Club is like acquiring an extended family. It is a friendly, family oriented, club with Sensei Paul as Big Daddy!"


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