Instructors - Paul Elliott 8th Dan Kyoshi

At the present time Paul teaches at various clubs and runs competitions and courses for the Clubs that are affiliated to his group.

Paul also teaches adults a soft form of Martial Arts called Tensho Chi and runs courses for Martial Artists on how to increase their Chi which helps with any chosen discipline. In addition to this he runs Self Defence Courses at various Schools.

Within the Adult Education Centres and Companies Paul teaches Self Defence, Self Healing Programmes, and Moving Meditation, Creative Visualization Classes.

Paul is fully qualified within N.F.S.H. (National Federation of Spiritual Healers) and Reiki where he has achieved his Masters Degree in Reiki, and is a qualified Master Teacher, Member of the UK Reiki Federation.

Paul feels learning about Chi (life force energy) has helped him enormously to understand some of the founder Master Hironori-Ohtsuka techniques and to be able to perform the more supple movements within the Wado Ryu Style.

Paul keeps in line with the Traditional teachings of Wado Ryu and does not combine other styles that would affect the style of Wado Ryu Karate.

Paul is passionate about his work and has dedicated much of his time, patience and effort in his learning and his teaching of Karate.

Paul is currently Chairman of the British Wado Federation and a Senior Director of the International Wado Federation.


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